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Diet is a work-out!

Here is a little story that I want to share. I had been working out for 3 years, fulfilling the middle-aged urban dweller exercise criteria of 30 mins-a-day-keeps-the-doctor-away.

Sometimes even more. I was trying to fight the post baby fat with great gusto. But all this had minimal effect on the desired reduction of body weight. I wondered why, because I was “eating healthy” after all!

I have been on a eat healthy mantra for as long as I can remember. – always looking for more raw food, more whole grain.. and less sugar, less oil, less refined flours. This orientation is what drove Rashmi and me to start on the path to create Paushtaa.

But an exciting discovery for me has been that Diet is a work-out too. Let me explain.

2 months ago, when my husband and his brother returned from their detox program at Jindal Naturecare Institute, they overhauled our eating pattern.

- Millets entered main meals. Ragi khichdi, Kodo Pulao are now regular features on the dining palate.

- Raw food intake increased significantly – at least one meal is fruit and salads only

- Dinner is now the lighest meal and wrapped up by 730 pm.

- Soup became mandatory daily. Soup stock is now always in stock in the fridge!

- Significant increase in water intake

Suddenly, with the same level of physical work out, I have seen real tangible change in body weight with the above diet work-out. What a-little-more good, a-little-less bad didn’t do.

Just like a little bit of stretch and little bit of weights will not build that stubborn hamstring muscle, a little good and little less bad diet will not work on a stubborn slow metabolism. Diet is a work-out of the changing habits. Grocery buying habits, food prep habit, portion habits and some taste habits.

Physical work out and diet work out together work wonders, like a set of gears. And why not, the human body is perhaps most amazingly well coordinated machine after all.

So here’s wishing that you all enjoy your work-outs! :)



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