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Our Story

How it all began

Health is the greatest gift :)

It all began from a mother’s kitchen, as she tried to create a genuine offering for her family. Her quest to create a healthy lifestyle for her household, led her to a discovery into the world of purity. She held out her hand and partnered like minded forces .. to create this revolution called 'Paushtaa'.​

Our Founders

It's what's on the inside that counts

Rashmi has been a conscientious mother with a keen interest in ways to improve the health of mind, body, and soul. She brings in the much needed practical advice in addition to providing strategical insights.


Supreet is an IIM alum and has worked in senior roles with Coke and GSK. Her vast experience in the FMCG industry led her to shun the processed foods available in the mass market and create healthy snack options for her children. She has been the driving force behind Paushtaa.