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Gut News for 2020!

There’s something in my gut that told me that it is going to be fantastic year ahead.

My children are getting older and more self sufficient *Thank God for small mercies*, the fitness regime is stable, parents are in good health, and work is fulfilling too.

When I got that feeling, I got down to researching where exactly the gut is in the digestive system. Contrary to my gut instinct of the gut being in the belly, the gut is the complete Gastrointestinal Tract. Which means that it starts at the mouth and ends at the bum. Read here for more details Its like grade 4 science revised!

So whats good for the gut? The closer to nature we keep the food, automatically easier it will be in digesting. Raw (or slightly cooked), natural flavours, high fibre, probiotic, prebiotic - is the kind of food the gut likes. Sourdough breads contains prebiotics and probiotics which are good for gut health.

Processing, artificial flavours, additives that takes food away from nature, make food gut-challenging. When we don’t like anybody challenging our gut instinct, why challenge the gut @ work?

My husband just finished his annual detox at the Jindal Naturecare Institute where the orientation is “what is cooked by the sun makes the gut happy”. I would highly recommend the institute to anybody looking for better lifestyle and lesser medication. Read more here

So this new year, lets resolve to go with our gut! Eat healthy, stay happy

Best wishes for the new year!



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