Yogic Balance

Yoga - The combined balance of body and mind.

Through this blog, I will attempt to write several posts to share what I have learnt and experienced through Yoga. This is the first blog in the series.

After years of practice and study of Yoga, I have come to realize that Yoga is as widespread as life. We start with Asana, move towards meditation and gradually see the visible effects on emotions, thought process, reactions and lifestyle.

Yoga is a journey, not a destination

A journey that starts as an infant (in practice) and teaches a new perspective of improvement every day. The ultimate objective is to be a better person than what we were yesterday.

What is an Asana?

An Asana is synchronous flow of physical movement and breathing rhythm. When a Yoga practitioner is fully absorbed in an Asana, it almost feels like the wind is the instrument and their body is producing music with movements.