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Dates n Raisins Cookies (Sugar Free)

Dates n Raisins Cookies (Sugar Free)

Paushtaa Dates and Raisins Cookies – Superfoods in every bite


•    Made with the natural sweetness of dates, raisins and honey

•    Must eat for those who don’t like very sugary tea snacks

•    Base of 100% organic whole wheat

•    Handmade with love by Paushtaa using the unprocessed organic raw material.

•    Wholesomeness of whole grains, this product has no maida, no artificial colour/flavour, and no preservatives.

•    Its never too hate to start being a healthier you!

  • Ingredients

    Organic whole wheat, White butter, Dates, Raisins, Baking soda, Rock salt

  • Net Weight



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