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Pure. Classic. Wholesome.

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The Purest Bread in Town.








flavours or colours



Refined sugar


Made with sourdough 

Healthy and tasty

Pure ingredients


Paushtaa is a Super Healthy bakery range. Each and every product is packed with super foods to provide wholesome nourishment, even at snack time. We have ensured purest ingredients, additives and preservatives-free processing. Join us, make the healthiest choice!  

About Us

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05. Paushtaa Whole Wheat Pav Buns (Extra
What is sourdough

What is sourdough?

Paushtaa does not make ordinary bread. Our sincere effort is to improve daily nutrition, and our secret is Sourdough.

Sourdough fermentation is a natural slow-release process. Bread dough is allowed to ferment for 12-15 hours in our process. In this, a lot of the carbs are gradually broken down, which makes the nutrition absorption in the body much smoother.  

Sourdough bread has 

- Lower Glycemic Index (GI)

- More prebiotics and probiotics

- More available nutrients

- Sustained energy release


It is a hard but rewarding experience to make this bread. 

We have received so many calls from diabetic, gluten-sensitive, and diet-conscious consumers stating that this bread fits into their lifestyles.  


Neha Malhotra,

Conscientious mother

"Paushtaa bread is by far the best whole-grain bread in the country. I can say this as a mother who is constantly looking for healthy, quality products for my child to begin the day with."


Niharika Nangia,
Yoga Teacher

"With Paushtaa, we as a family have become completely open to consuming breads in all forms - pizzas, sandwiches, burgers. Not only do the products taste fresh and wholesome, they are very nutritious too! Sourdough breads, everything whole grain, and handmade with complete honesty."


Dr. Hemant Goyal

MS (Oncology) at AIIMS

"Paushtaa is a rare bread brand that does not use chemicals in the making the products. In today's day when we can't control the chemical in the air we breathe, we should always look for chemical-free food products so that our bodies are well protected."

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