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What's in a Box?

‘Tis the season to be jolly!

The holiday cheer and the end of the year sparked a thought in my mind about .. boxes.

There are different types of boxes.

Pretty gift boxes, packaging boxes for products, lunch boxes for rumbling tummies. Images start to conjure with one look at a box before opening it, through what is outside it.

The outside of the box generates the appeal that makes you open it with anticipation. But the outside and inside must match for the anticipation to complete.

This got me thinking - Isn’t every person like a box? The imagery starts to cook with what’s outside. Red lipstick – bold inside. Stressed look – confused man. White robed – peaceful man.

But if the white robed man turns out angry, imagine the dissonance it creates.

The outside perhaps has importance only till the core is revealed. After that the outside looses relevance – for products and for people.

Here is wishing inner happiness and peace for everyone this holiday season!

Much love,



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