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You are what you eat

Every mother makes the best food choice for her child. Care for nourishment is built into mom-programming because they know “You are what you eat”.

I actually didn’t hear this in English the first time, I heard it in Hindi.

”Jaisa Ann, Waisa Mann” summarized a Market researcher after speaking to 100 Indian mothers about their outlook towards food for children. The 22-year marketing trainee in me listened, and stored it for use later in life as a mom and then as an entrepreneur.

It’s quite interesting to see how a child’s relationship with food changes with age.

An infant squirms at the first few bites of solid food. It's only the mother’s prerogative to feed the infant who wants nothing but easy milk.

A ten-year old pre-teen is forever hungry and eats whatever she gets, not discerning between dosa or dimsums or daal or dahi. Now the conscientious mother only needs to keep a ready supply of dishes, fruits, nuts, cookies ready. Consumption is automatic!

The plethora of tastes and pretty packs available today naturally makes it tough for kids to stay away from junk all the time. So, here are a few fun-rules that one could use with them when they make a choice :

1. Pick a pack that has less than 7-8 ingredients. This makes them look at the back of the pack and become aware.

2. Look for words like “whole grain”, “organic” and “natural” . Vote for packs that have more of these words

3. Lower the shelf life the better. It means that there will be lesser chemicals and hopefully no preservatives

If children understand at a young age that the food choices that they make can shape their minds and bodies better, it would be such a blessing. Because then they can become whatever they want to be.

Paushtaa follows least ingredients, minimal processing and no chemicals philosophy for all its products. We also salute the spirit of brands like Nourish Organics ( and Yoga Bar ( that are keeping purity at the core.

“You are what you eat” has interesting origins too according to this article

Eat well :)




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